RDOD 2010

The Peninsula Dog Fanciers’ Club’s Responsible Dog Ownership Day event is September 4, 2010 from 10am until 4pm at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds in Bremerton, Wa.

We are in the planning stages for this year’s event, so check back often for updates! You can find the schedule for the day’s events posted in our blog.

If you would like to view or download the RDOD 2010 flier seen on our home page, please click here. We encourage you to print a few (or many!) and post them in your community.


Meet the Breed 2009
We are excited to once again support the Meet the Breed, Educational, and Rescue Booths with awards for Most Creative booth. Each placement will receive an award for their club and for their rescue. (Booths will be voted on by the public.)

1st place   Club: $300, Rescue $200

2nd place   Club: $200, Rescue $100

3rd place   Club $100, Rescue $50

The recipients for the Most Creative booths at the 2009 RDOD were The Big Dog Project (1st), the Cascade Welsh Pembroke Corgi Club (2nd), and the Shiloh Shepherds (3rd). Congrats to you all– and we hope to see you at this year’s event!

If you are interested in hosting a booth at the 2010 RDOD, please click here to download the application with more information.


Vendors 2009
Our vendor list is growing so please apply early! If you are interested in having a vendor booth at the 2010 RDOD, please click here to download the application with more information.


Dachshund Races

Dachshund Races 2009

They were so popular last year we’ve decided to add more races this year and break the pups into size groups: minis, standards and in-betweeners if needed! Check back here for race schedules.

Costume Contest

Costume Contest 2009
Who can resist a jester Dachshund or an Aussie parading around as a 4-H-er? This year we will be breaking the contest into two divisions, one for Youth (under 18) and one for Adults.

Costume Contest 2009
Intro to Rally Obedience

This will be an introductory level course for you and your dog to sample the newest (and fun!) event in obedience. Just read the signs and do what they say, like an obstacle-course meets scavenger-hunt! ($2 a run, or $5 for 3 runs)

Advanced Rally Obedience

For those more experienced handler and dog teams we have an advanced course! It is a great opportunity to get in some practice amidst lots of distractions before the next competition. ($2 a run, or $5 for 3 runs)


Youngsters without K9 partners can go through a Rally-like course designed especially for them–no dog required! (Adult partner permitted–no fee.)

Intro to Agility

A walk-through with some agility equipment at beginner levels, including the dog walk, wait table, A-frame, weave poles, tunnel and low jumps. ($2 a run, or $5 for 3 runs)


K9 Officer Demos 2009
We will keep the activities going in the center Demonstration Ring with the Dachshund Races, Costume Contest, Breed Spotlight, Parade of Breeds, and other examples of responsible dog ownership.

If you would like to participate with a 15 to 30 minute presentation, please contact us at PDFCinfo (at) gmail (dot) com.


We are working to make this year’s Responsible Dog Ownership Day even bigger, better, and more fun for everyone involved! If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor for the 2010 RDOD, please click here for more information about the varying levels of sponsorship, their benefits, and the application.