PSRC Basic Retrieving Clinic

I spent last weekend in Dewatto with the Puget Sound Retriever Club, learning about basic retrieving! Read about my experience in the field below!


Life Love Sincerely

I spent last weekend out in Dewatto with a bunch of other newbie handlers learning about basic retrieving. We got lucky with beautiful weather–it didn’t start raining until the last retrieve set up at the pond on Sunday afternoon! (And then it POURED.)


At the beginning of the clinic, Harry asked us why we were there. Some people were there to learn how to teach their dogs to retrieve in real hunting situations. (Harry stressed the importance of conservation–you need a well trained dog to retrieve the birds you’ve shot, especially if they are only injured, so you are not wasteful of the resource.)

Others were there because they love seeing their dogs do what they were bred to do, they believe they owe it to their dogs to give them a job, they want to preserve the retrieving instincts in their breeding program, and so on.

I don’t hunt myself…

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