Planning a Dog Show: After Entries Close

The time to enter the Peninsula Dog Fanciers’ Club’s 2013 AKC All Breed Dog Show and Obedience and Rally Trials has ended as of today, March 6!

What’s next?

The folks at Jack Onofrio Dog Shows, LLC will tabulate the all of the entries and figure out the total number of dogs that each Conformation Judge will evaluate. Each Judge can judge a maximum of 175 entries (dogs) each day. If the total entries of their assigned breeds is over 175, then some of the breeds must be reassigned to another Judge. If all of our Judges have over 175 entries we must hire another Judge!

Once the breed counts and judging assignments are finalized, the PDFC Show Chairman works with Onofrio to create the Ring Layout and the Judging Program. We try to schedule the rings with breeds that are best suited for each space. For example, this year we are paying special attention to our rings that don’t have a lot of extra room around them for crating–we will try to keep these rings for our smaller breeds.

A few other items we are working on right now to help make the show a positive experience for everyone:

  • Maps of the show grounds available in each building to show where the rings (and other features) are located. Hopefully the map will be included in the Judging Program as well.
  • Designated crating areas to allow for clear aisles.
  • More crating space in the Pavilion.

We should have breed counts in by Friday, March 8 and the Judging Program should be available sometime next week (depending on how many changes need to be made, if any)!

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