Bremerton Farmers Market Dog Day!

Mark your calendars for the Bremerton Farmers Market’s Dog Day on July 26, from 4pm to 7pm at the Evergreen Park in Bremerton!

Learn about and see demonstrations of some dog activities you can get involved in courtesy of Peninsula Dog Fanciers’ Club and the Muttley Crew 4-H group, get your photo taken with your pup and fun props courtesy of Sincerely Sarah B Photography (for FREE!), pick up some dog treats and dog-themed goods from the market vendors, and even find something for yourself–veggies, plants, lavender, soaps, crumpets, BBQ, ice cream and lots more!

All well behaved dogs on leashes are welcome and encouraged to visit the market!

PDFC Demonstration Schedule

Please see the PDFC booth at the market if you are interested in participating in the demonstrations.

  • 4:15pm Conformation “Showing and Fitting”… Conformation at dog shows is where dogs are compared to their breed standard and the best dog is chosen to advance for a chance at competing for Best in Show. In the 4-H world it is known as “Showing and Fitting” and the 4-H handler is evaluated on their handling skills. The demonstration will be a mini practice session for handlers and will show a bit of what goes on in a conformation ring at a dog show!
  • 4:45pm Obedience Demo… Obedience training gives you and your dog important skills for a happy life, whether it is teaching them to “sit” and “stay” when you need them to at home, or if you choose to compete at any level. More advanced levels of Obedience may include jumps, retrieves, and distinguishing scent. The demonstration will show some of the exercises seen in Obedience training and competitions.
  • 5:15pm Follow the Leader… Keep an eye out for PDFC members, 4-H Muttley Crew members, and community members with their dogs practicing their heeling and obedience exercises as they play “Follow the Leader” through the market!
  • 5:45pm Rally Obedience… A Rally course includes a series of signs at 10-20 stations, with a different exercise or healing pattern on each sign. A handler and their dog go through the course and do each exercise in order–like an obstacle course! The demonstration will show how handlers go through the course, then the course will be open for others to try it out!