PDFC All-Breed Dog Show 2012: Success!

Our All-Breed Dog Show, Rally, and Obedience Trials in March were another great success! Each day started off with a beautiful presentation of the National Anthem by Terri Gierke and daughter Tricia; our local 4-H group, the Muttley Crew, stepped up this year and supported us more than ever; the Kitsap Muttsketeers 4-H group provided a delicious lunch for our judges, members, and volunteers; we had positive feedback about the mats on the Pavilion floors–nothing slipped out of place and the gaffer’s tape didn’t leave residue!; there were no major issues, and all minor things that came up were easily dealt with and remedied; and we’ve taken many notes to make the 2013 show even better!

As with all large events, there are MANY details that go into planning and making the event run smoothly. Most of those details are never noticed by those attending, which is how it should be. We did receive some constructive comments and ideas from exhibitors, our wonderful photographers, our members, our AKC Representative and the Onofrio staff that we plan to take into account for the 2013 show. Some of these changes/additions include, but are by no means limited to:

  • marked crating areas in the Pavilion and President’s Hall
  • adjusting ring layout/locations to give more crating and walking space (primarily in the Pavilion)
  • large site maps posted in all buildings to show ring locations (maps will also be given to parking crew)
  • possibly another building for grooming (currently discussing options with the Fairgrounds)
  • we are considering holding TWO Rally and Obedience shows on Saturday, plus ONE on Sunday for a total of THREE Rally and Obedience shows

We are already gearing up for our 2013 show–so if you’d like to get involved, now is the time!

Until then… here are some photos from the 2012 show! There are even more photos on our Facebook page!

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(These photos were taken by myself, Sarah Burlingame, during the Group competitions. We had a GREAT showing in Rally and Obedience as well, however I was not able to capture any of those events since I was busy with my Show Chairman duties! Maybe next year…)

PS. Results from the 2012 All Breed Show can be found here for Saturday’s show, and here for Sunday.