Good news!!

There will be mats in the Pavilion for the PDFC 2012 All Breed Dog Show in March!

The Fairgrounds installed gym floors awhile back that prevented us from securing the mats to the floor with duck tape because of possible damage the tape might cause.


A few of our club members did some testing with gaffer’s tape (a strong tape used on film sets that doesn’t leave residue when removed, unlike duck tape) under the supervision of the Fairgrounds staff. And it was a success! The tape held the mats securely and didn’t damage the gym floors or have any affect on the gym floor court lines.

We know that the Pavilion floors have been a cause for concern for many handlers due to the potential slipperiness–and even the court lines themselves! We hope that knowing the floors will be matted at the 2012 dog show will reassure those handlers so that we can all have a great time and another successful event in March!

Best Junior Handler

Please help us spread the word! There will be mats!