It’s Coming! RDOD 2010!

The Peninsula Dog Fanciers’ Club Responsible Dog Ownership Day (RDOD) is quickly approaching! It will be on September 4th from 10am until 4pm out at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds this year.

Meet the Breeds 2009

I know it’s still a few months away but we are going full speed in the planning stages already… letters are being sent out for potential sponsorships, vendors, and booths (including the awesome Meet the Breed booths) and we are planning for the events we’ve had in the past as well as  some new activities.

What can you expect to find at RDOD?

Lots of dogs! (That was too easy.)

There will be many Meet the Breed booths where you can do just that–meet different breeds, talk to their owners and get to know what they’re really all about. Some of the booths are sponsored by the breed club so you can talk to their members and learn how to get involved; others are sponsored by individuals that just want to share how awesome their dogs are! It is a great opportunity to meet a lot of dogs if you are looking to add a four-footed member to your family… or if you just like to get as much puppy-love as you can!

Meet the Breed 2009

The booth sponsors are encouraged to decorate their space as creatively as they can–and the public gets to vote on their favorite! The best booths will receive donations towards their breed club and rescue.

What’s happening?

Last year the Dachshund Races and the Costume Contest were a big hit– so we’re bringing both back and super-sizing them! There will be up to three different Dachshund Races based on size and the Costume Contest will be broken down into Adult and Kiddos (under 18).

Dachshund Races 2009

New features this year are the Rally-O and Agility rings ($2 a run, or $5 for 3) plus a special Rally-Oops! course for kids to navigate with no need of a dog (no fee).

There will also be presentations, performances, and lots of information about how to be a responsible dog owner in the community.

Who should come?

Dog-lovers with dogs (well-behaved dogs on leashes are welcome!), kiddo dog-lovers (no leash necessary), dog-lovers without dogs, dog-lovers looking for dogs, dog-lovers who want to become involved in the community, dog-lovers who want to try out or practice a performance event or two (Rally-O and Agility), dog-lovers that like to dress up their dogs… and the list goes on.

Want to be more involved?

Are you a member of a breed club that would like to have a Meet the Breed booth?

Do you have a dog-related business and would like to be a vendor or sponsor?

Would you like to make a presentation or performance relating to responsible dog ownership (such as K9 Officer demos, dancing with your dog performances, Frisbee or fly-ball demos, skits on how to approach unfamiliar dogs, etc.)?

Meet the Breeds 2009

Please click here for more detailed information about RDOD and links to Meet the Breed and Vendor applications.

If you would like to volunteer and help out— let us know! We could always use more help to set up, tear down, and answer questions throughout the day. (If you are interested in becoming a member of PDFC, that would be awesome, too! You don’t need to own a dog, just have a love of dogs and a love of putting on amazing AKC events! Click here to go to the our Membership page for more information.)

PDFC’s RDOD is a free event. To see more photos from the 2009 RDOD, click here, and to read about the 2008 RDOD click here.