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PSRC Basic Retrieving Clinic


I spent last weekend in Dewatto with the Puget Sound Retriever Club, learning about basic retrieving! Read about my experience in the field below!


Originally posted on Life Love Sincerely:

I spent last weekend out in Dewatto with a bunch of other newbie handlers learning about basic retrieving. We got lucky with beautiful weather–it didn’t start raining until the last retrieve set up at the pond on Sunday afternoon! (And then it POURED.)


At the beginning of the clinic, Harry asked us why we were there. Some people were there to learn how to teach their dogs to retrieve in real hunting situations. (Harry stressed the importance of conservation–you need a well trained dog to retrieve the birds you’ve shot, especially if they are only injured, so you are not wasteful of the resource.)

Others were there because they love seeing their dogs do what they were bred to do, they believe they owe it to their dogs to give them a job, they want to preserve the retrieving instincts in their breeding program, and so on.

I don’t hunt myself…

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the results!

We did it! Another successful Peninsula Dog Fanciers’ Club All Breed Dog Show and Obedience and Rally Trials on the books!

Saturday, the Havanese took home Best in Show and the 15-inch Beagle was Reserve Best in Show; Sunday, the 15-inch Beagle was Best in Show and the Weimaraner was Reserve Best in Show!

People tend to share comments to critique events more willingly than they share compliments–but I am happy to say that this year we heard more compliments about the event than we heard criticizing remarks! We had a wonderful Judging panel, thanks to our hard working Judges Selection Committee; the Kitsap County Fairgrounds staff were quick to respond to any grounds issues we had, and they responded with a smile each time; exhibitors were friendly; spectators were respectful; and everyone had a fun weekend.

We plan on sharing some of the candid photos we captured soon and the winning photos once we receive them from the photographers. For now, check out the links below for the results from the weekend!

Saturday, March 22, 2014 (Conformation and Obedience/Rally Trial 1)

Saturday, March 22, 2014 (Obedience/Rally Trial 2)

Sunday, March 23, 2014 (Conformation and Obedience/Rally)

always something to learn

by Sarah Burlingame, PDFC Show Chairman

I have been a member of Peninsula Dog Fanciers’ Club on and off since I was 12 years old, first as a Junior Member doing Ring Hospitality and “Go-for” work, then as a Ring Steward, and now as an Active Member, Secretary, Show Chairman, and Odds-and-Ends Person. I didn’t start showing dogs myself until I got Taylor, my now 6-year-old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (and I am still very much the novice). We have done Conformation here and there over the years, but we hope to add an American Championship to his name in addition to his Canadian Ch., and maybe a WC, RN, BN, and whatever else we can try!

All that to say… I have been in the show world for a long time, mostly behind the scenes. I have learned a great deal in the almost 20 (yikes!) years since I was a Junior Member, but this show year has reminded me that I still have a great deal to learn, both behind the scenes and in the ring!

I am a learner by nature–I love discovering new-to-me ideas, growing with my dog as we both master new skills, and building relationships with my mentors and sharing what knowledge and experience I have with others that are new to the game.

There have been many new exhibitors that have emailed the club recently with questions about showing their dogs, entering, and more. I don’t always have the answer, but I must admit that I get a little excited when I DO know the answer (or where to find it) and can share that with them. It shows me that I know more than I realize and I hope that I can share that knowledge in a way that gets them excited about joining our dog community, whether it is in Conformation, Obedience, Field, or any other venue.

I have also learned a lot in just the few short weeks since our entries closed. Our entries are down overall, as are most shows recently, but we still had major overloads in our Obedience trials on Saturday, something I’ve never had to deal with before. Obedience overloads are an even more confusing logic puzzle than Conformation overloads! We eventually got the classes ironed out, and hopefully all goes smoothly on Saturday for our judges and our exhibitors.

And now I can add another line to my long list of things I’ve learned… and yet know that there’s still so much more to go!

Only three more days until our 2014 show!! Have questions or want a tour of the show? Come find us at the Club Table in the Pavilion or wandering the show! And don’t forget to tag your Instagram show photos with #pdfcshow2014 this weekend!

Do you Instagram?

You can now find Peninsula Dog Fanciers’ Club on Instagram!


Follow us at @peninsuladogfanciers and check out our Instagram feed in our right-hand sidebar!

Some of our members will be posting to the PDFC Instagram account leading up to the show and throughout the weekend, and we’ll even share some of our favorites from YOU, the exhibitors, volunteers, and spectators that tag your photos with #pdfcshow2014!

You can also find our Instagram feed from the tabs on our Facebook page! From there you can view our feed or the #pdfcshow2014 feed.

Entries close TODAY!

by Sarah Burlingame, 2014 Show Chairman


Entries for our 2014 All Breed Dog Show and Obedience and Rally Trials close today, March 5, at 12 noon PST! (Grooming Reservations also close today!)

This is when things really start to pick up for those of us planning the show.

Once the entries are tallied, I’ll be contacted by the wonderful folks at Onofrio to start the process of putting the Judging Program together.

Each Conformation Judge can judge up to 175 dogs each day. Our Judges Selection Committee does their best to assign breeds to each Judge based on previous years’ entry numbers so that they won’t get too many dogs, but there is usually at least one Judge (often more!) that gets too many. If this happens, we have to figure out what breed(s) can be shifted to another Judge to balance the numbers. This is complicated even more because not all Judges are able to judge all of the Groups and they can’t judge a breed on both days. It’s a giant logic puzzle!

Once we finalize the assignments, Onofrio puts together the schedule. The final Judging Program is mailed to the exhibitors and is linked from the Onofrio website, typically on Friday after entries close but it may take a few extra days if in-depth breed shuffling needs to happen. We also try to put a link on our homepage as soon as we see that the schedule is available as well as sharing it on our Facebook page!

If you still need to enter, you can do so through the Online Entry via the Onofrio website here until 12 noon PST today.

Less than a month to go!

by Sarah Burlingame, 2014 PDFC Show Chairman

It’s that time of year yet again… less than a month to go before our 2014 dog show!


Want to get an idea of what we’re up to right now? We’re already into the final stretch of the planning process! Over the next few weeks we will:

  • finalize ring stewards and assign them to rings after the entries close on March 5
  • make a shopping list for our hospitality needs (fed volunteers are happy volunteers!)
  • hire our Group and Best in Show announcer
  • work with the Superintendents at Onofrio to finalize our ring layout (we try to allow for plenty of space for foot traffic, crate set up, and spectators so everyone can enjoy their weekend to the fullest!)
  • coordinate with members and other volunteers to help with set up, clean up, and other duties throughout the show weekend (including finding friendly faces to greet people and answer questions at our Club table!)
  • address any final details/issues that we can improve on from previous years

and so much more! Check out our post here to read a bit more about what goes into planning a dog show.

The most exciting thing to me is to get some new faces around the club so that we can all share our knowledge of the sport of dog shows (participating in and organizing) and other activities that we enjoy with our four-footed family members, and make some new friends in the process. It’s a fun time of year!

Want to get involved? Tonight (February 27) is our final General Meeting before the dog show in March! Come out and join us! 7pm at the Sheridan Recreation Center on Lebo Blvd, Bremerton.

I’m Finished at the Show… Now What?

You got up early, finished the final touches of grooming on your dog(s), did a few last minute practice down-stays before your time in the ring.

You make your way around the ring, the judge goes over your dog, you hear the last “exercise finish” command.

Now what?

Well, first you can make the rounds of the various vendors available in the Pavilion, watch other breeds in the ring or check out what’s happening in the Presidents’ Hall with Rally and Obedience.

But what if you want to venture beyond the Fairgrounds… you’re just not sure where to go?

If you’re hungry, I’d highly recommend the local-favorite Silver City Brewery. They have great food, award-winning micro brews and they are less than 10 minutes away from the Fairgrounds. Other favorite chains are close by, including Olive Garden, Reb Robin, and Applebees. If you want something quick and filling, try Chung’s Teriyaki on Bucklin Hill Road (my favorite is the chicken combo and they also have yummy pho). There are also lots of great local restaurants just 20 minutes to the North in Poulsbo, a great little town with a Norwegian flair.

Need to stretch your legs? The Clear Creek Trail is a great walking trail that runs from the Silverdale Waterfront Park nearly to the Trigger Avenue Exit off of Highway 3. There is an access point near the Silverdale Dog Park on Silverdale Way.

How about some shopping? The Kitsap Mall is just minutes away from the showgrounds. If you need something for your dog that isn’t available from our vendors, check out the Naturally 4 Paws storefront on Silverdale Way or PetSmart off of Ridgetop.

If you’re looking for something not mentioned in this brief list, stop by the Club Table and ask our members! They would love to help you!


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